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Working in military services means you may need to move multiple times to different duty stations as part of your service obligations. While this relocation can offer new opportunities, experiences, and cultural exposure, it may be challenging for you and your family. Not only will you have to adjust to new environments, but you also have to resettle in new communities, schools, and social networks.

When you need to move to a new duty station, seeking professional assistance from a military moving company with expertise in military relocations can ensure smoother and faster transitions. At Blink Moving, we understand the unique lifestyle of military service. We will offer specialized services to help ease the transition for you and your family.

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Our Services

Door-To-Door Transport

We will handle the entire relocation process from your current location to your new destination. Our expert movers pick up the items for shipment at your current residence, transport them safely, and send them to your new home, taking the stress out of coordinating the logistics yourself.


If you need to store your belongings temporarily during a deployment or transition, our storage solutions can make this happen. We securely store your items in our storage facilities, ensuring they are well-protected until you want to retrieve them.


Our team of experienced packers carefully packs your belongings, ensuring they stay safe throughout the journey. It saves you time and ensures that your possessions arrive in good condition.

Weight Tickets

Military relocations often require accurate weight measurements for compensation and budgeting purposes. Our military movers often provide a weight certificate to help you get your compensation for expenses.



Submit a Quote

Enter all information regarding your move and get a Free Online Estimate.


Confirm Details with Professional

Get a call from one of our managers and confirm details.


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Documents Needed to Get Reimbursement for a PPM

Prefer to manage your relocation plans and timeline? Here are some essential documents you need to get reimbursement:

  1. DD Form 2278 (Moving form and counseling checklist)
  2. DD Form 1351-2 (Travel voucher)
  3. Copy of PCS travel orders
  4. Certified weight tickets
  5. Copy of paid rental agreement
  6. Copy of vehicle registration when utilizing POV and/or boat/trailer

Keep in mind that the prerequisites for PPM moves vary based on your branch, rank, and location. It is better to contact the Transportation Office to stay informed when considering a Personally Procured Move. They can help you navigate the process smoothly, ensure you meet all requirements, and secure the reimbursement you deserve.


How We Plan Your Relocation: The PPM Checklist

Contact the Transportation Office

When you contact them, they will inform you of any specific requirements and provide the necessary forms to get started.

Get Relocation Estimates from Blink Moving

Next, contact us by phone or using our online booking form. Our military movers will provide an estimate that can help you understand the cost involved with your relocation so you can plan your budget accordingly.

Choose Your Preferred Moving Solution

Select the military moving service that suits your needs – whether packing services, storage solutions or transport.

Get Your Family Ready

Get your family on board by discussing the relocation together. Make a checklist of items to pack, organize important documents, and discuss the process with them so everyone can prepare for the journey ahead.

Research Your Branch-Specific Rules

Each military branch might have specific rules and benefits for PPM moves. Research and understand your branch-specific guidelines to ensure you are fully informed.

Secure your Documents

Organize and hold onto all documents, like quotes, agreements, receipts amd forms, related to your relocation, as you may need them later for reimbursement.

Ask for Reimbursement

After relocating, complete the necessary paperwork showing your expenses to get your reimbursement.

Update Your Information

Once you settle in your new location, update your address, contact information, and other relevant details with your military unit and any relevant agencies.

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  • Same/Next Day Delivery: Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods. Experience the convenience of having your belongings delivered on the same day or the following day.
  • Punctuality: We respect your time. Count on our team’s punctuality to keep your schedule on track throughout the moving process.
  • Live 24 chat: Get the assistance you need 24/7 through our live chat.
  • 15% discounts to returning clients: Enjoy 15% discounts when you hire our military moving service again.
  • Quick deposit refund: Cancel 10 days before your move and receive a prompt deposit refund.

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A PPM (Personally Procured Move) military relocation means independently organizing and managing your move rather than engaging a military moving company. Fortunately, you can receive reimbursement for any expenses you make during the transition.

Our military movers are trustworthy and seasoned professionals. They possess the expertise to handle your belongings with care, ensuring a seamless and secure move.

The choice is yours – you can choose to pack your items personally or entrust us with your professional packing services for a hassle-free experience.

Within our offerings, you’ll find a spectrum of services encompassing packing, storage, loading, transportation, and unloading choices. Regardless of your selection, we are dedicated to customizing these services to impeccably match your individual requirements.

The distance and luggage requiring transportation impacts relocation time. Our military movers work efficiently to facilitate an efficient process to minimize any potential delays.