Frequently Asked Questions

Our company is built on our customers’ trust and the experience of people who work here. For several years, we have been providing both local and long-distance moving services. Over time, we’ve learned how to make it as quick and easy as possible while maintaining the quality of work, every time. Our customer service has made the booking process effortless and can take nearly 10 minutes to book you for a move.

If you have a question that is not listed below, please call our 24-hour support at (774) 208-1093. Our representatives will answer all of your questions. Thank you.

Get a moving quote using our moving calculator or call our 24-hour support at (774) 208-1093. Our representatives will answer all of your questions, help you make a decision regarding your move, and possibly save some money & time.

Blink Moving Company provides Express Long Distance Moving Service. Professional movers with years of experience carefully pack and deliver your items. We are Fully Licensed and Insured for Interstate Moving.

The short answer is No. When booking a move with a company, you may get rates that are very low, and some that are very high. Oftentimes those that quote very low are not licensed and insured. Blink Moving is licensed for Local and Long Distance Moving Service.​

Please contact our 24-hour support at (774) 208-1093 to submit a claim report. Our representatives are here to help you.

No – We charge for travel time from our warehouse to the ORIGIN and from the DESTINATION back to the warehouse (minimum: 30 minutes)

Yes – We use heavy duty pads to wrap up your favorite piece of furniture completely.

Yes. We deliver boxes, tape, heavy duty shrink wrap, bubble wrap, moving pads, packing papers etc., )

We provide blankets free of charge but client pays for the packing materials:

Roll of tape: $3.50
Small “book” box: $3.00
Medium box: $4.00
Large box: $5.00
Picture/Mirror box: $6.00
Dish pack box: $7.00
Wardrobe box: $15.00
Ream packing paper (roll): $24.00
Shrink wrap (per item): $5.00

Yes, we have a lot of experience hoisting pieces of furniture of any size through a window or balcony.
Hoisting fee starts at $60.00 per flight & per item.

We have years of experience moving pianos of different sizes and shapes.
Piano fee – Starts at $150 (by weight)

Licensed & Insured

Our Company is licensed for Local and Long Distance Moving Service.

No Hidden Fees

Our hourly rates include all other charges, no hidden fees.

Fast & Efficient

We are professional movers with years of experience.


Everyone can afford our rates. Everything included - tolls, gas, wrapping materials, insurance and more...



We work 24/7 and always ready to answer our clients questions. Don't hesitate to contact us and ask.



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